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Site reading and dyslexia

edited October 2015 in General discussions
I was just wondering if there was any other dyslexic flute players here. Nearly 20 years in, and I still have to take things home and look over every single speck  and dot on the page to make sure I understand what I'm doing. I just feel like no matter how hard I practice I still struggle with site reading rhythms and notes. So for other dyslexic players out there, what do you do to help with site reading?


  • often I have trouble too Iam not dyslexic my problem is Iam a slow lerner and when It comes to music Iam good but thairs still times I want to pack up and run but what I can ofer you in advice is mark your music how you can read it do you know how to transpose can you transpose if you can that may help to cause you can do it and you will know what you did hope this helps a bit
  • Thankfully I never have to transpose. I think I would cry. That hardest for me is trying to think in sharps (especially A major, I've got like a mental block with that scale) and I end up just marking the respective flat note on my copy. But I see what you mean, just have to kind of power through it. 
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