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apps to read / annotate music

Hello everybody.

I'm a flutist and I'm looking for an IPad Android app to read
and annotate music. It's for professional use, something that is
usable on stage and for teaching, to replace paper music.

I know there are apps like forscore or tonara but i'd like to have your opinion.
What about the size, the access to good publishers? Ipad, android?

Have you discovered something good enough to replace paper music?

Thank you for your answers!



  • Hi!

    Nobody use a tablet to read music? :/
  • Hi there.

    I use forScore on my iPad3. I scanned over 110 pieces of piano part for the Civic Jazz band I play in. It was really from necessity, as some songs have 8 (or even more!) pages to them--far too many to fit on even two stands, with extenders!

    It lets me link DSes, Codas, add my own notes/dynamics/etc, add comments, mark out or highlight.

    I've only had maybe a couple times that it got "odd" on me. Once, I had to turn off the iPad, do the 30-sec wait, then on again. Was fine after that.

    Pair it with a PageFlip Firefly, and you are definitely set for any kind of performance! I love just tapping the pedal to advance to the next song, meanwhile watching everyone else fight the wind and the acrylics to switch out their paper music. Heaven!

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