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Mic'ing of flute in band advice

I play flute in a worship band with guitars, keys and vocalists. I am having issues with the AV guys and could do with some advice!
I often am told the flute doesn't need mic'ing up as its 'a loud instrument' and the sound carries, which maybe true during the sound checks. However I know that when the congregation sing the flute is not heard at all which defeats the object of me being there!
Now I have never had an issue with being mic'd before and am used to having to be close up with the mic between the mouthpiece and first keys but this young chap owns his own sound production company and is coming across that he knows all there is about sound engineering. I need the right language to contest back to him about why the flute needs to be mic'd and what equipment is best (he's said if I really want to be mic'd the only way is to use a specialist clip-on one). I've no idea what microphones we have currently.
Any advice gratefully received! Thank you.


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