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The a common known love-the love of music

edited February 2015 in General discussions
I think its wonderful how everyone has a love for music. Maybe not the same genre,style,sound,or voice but we all have music that we love. Infact we all even have music that we hate its quite amazing that there is this huge force out there that is such a major part if everyone's life and half of it we hate the other half we worship. Maybe you live for classical and that without you would die but someone plays you some rock and you want to scream because that is not what you call music. While someone else loves there rock and false asleep to your classical piece. But then maybe yoy love both. Isn't that great that you can go from one extreme to the other from one beauty to another. Somebody poured their soul into making that music and you love it. Its a beautiful thing that wether singing or instrumental it comes from within us and if us crazy faulted humans can make something so beautiful then I think maybe we did one thing right in this world. If we created something as beautiful and amazing as simply MUSIC. Its there for us when we are down and there for us when we our at our happiest. Its part of us and we are part if it.

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