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Are Practice Breaks Okay?

It's the middle of summer and I'm still practicing everyday (or trying to, at least).

Sometimes it's hard because of everything that goes on in the summer but I know some people who take the summer off (no lessons or practicing) and resume in the school year and they seem fine.

I was just wondering if it would effect my playing if I didn't practice for the summer (or at least not as much). I do have Band and Orchestra in the school year and would not like to harm my technique or anything by not practicing.


  • I have always believed that practice makes perfect and I wouldn't suggest that you take that large of a break. Practicing everyday is very strict and hard to do if you're very busy. I would still try to practice a few times a week even if only for fifteen minutes at a time.
  • sometimes you must practise to keep up with your flute you can take a break but only an hour or two and when you are a begginer when you first start playing flute you may get dizzy this is normal take a break but come back to it
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    This is a very tricky one because practicing is a bit like jogging. If you stop you become unfit and have to build up fitness again. If you take the summer off (which I have done before!) be prepared for a few horrible days or even weeks of getting back into it. You will and in the long run it will not harm you but it doesn't feel good!

    On the other hand I am a firm believer in taking breaks. Especially if you do not feel the drive to want to keep practicing. A small break can sometimes work magic for settling aspects of your playing that you have been working on. When I have holidays (I even do this on weekends) I either decide to take some time off  and don't practice (which I do as a rule after I have worked very hard or had a big concert!) or I decide that in this time I am allowed to practice whatever I feel like, whether it is your favorite pop song, having some fun with improvisation (lots of fun), playing together with some friends or a even bit of technical work (okay...maybe I have a problem!) You are clearly very hard-working and disciplined so being kind to yourself will make it feel like you are taking a bit of a break while you are keeping your embouchure and fingers going! 

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