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marching band

edited August 2013 in Learning
i dont think i am loud enough during marching band. i have a hard time playing loud while we march and stuff. how can i play louder?


  • Practice long tones and dynamics, from loud to quiet. But do it with a tuner, because it's really easy to be high when loud and flat when quiet. It's important to always play in tune. 
  • You could also practice while marching in place at home.
  • That really work... Put the metronome on and practice marching in place. It works on a treadmill too!
  • Try to get more space in your mouth while you play. I went to a masterclass recently (I forget the flutist) and a really cool technique was learning to play with a chopstick in your mouth.. this trains you to keep an open mouth and really creates a big sound. Best of luck.
  • funny was in a band and I could not play much at all and at times I was even fakeing it and other times I was playing soft on poupose I was afreid to play loud cause I was afrid to mess up I felt like everyone knew I was bad at playing Iam a good flute player Iam but only with certian songs
  • I'm also in a marching band try and keep your mouth piece dry as possible and tongue the notes.
    I'm also interested in Buying a 3 piece b/flat wooden flute.
    Also I need to use skin clarinet pads that are a bit expensive does anyone know were to purchase at a decent price
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