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Open head joint alone to full flute?

I am getting better at the flute. Now I am more often getting an A with the open head joint than a Bb. And this is after months without practice(So maybe listening to orchestral music and paying attention to the flutist has helped). However, my A often tends to either be airy or if it is crisp it tends to sound like a piccolo A instead of a flute A. There are the few lucky times I get a crisp low A though.

In my practice sessions I do this(not nessacarily in sequence):
Long blow to get tone
Rhythmic blowing
Open and close head joint
Adjust embouchure(shape, position, size)
Adjust flute position
Moisten and dry lips
Dry flute

Is it normal for my crisp A's to sound like a piccolo with just the head joint(and that the low A truly is lucky since usually keys are needed for that?

If so, I'm wondering how long before I can aim for a C with the whole flute.
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