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Flute playing with braces

Ever wonder what the experience of playing flute with braces feels like? I've been playing flute now for about 15 years and I am currently a Junior High Band Director in Houston, TX. I decided to get braces last March, something my parents couldn't afford when I was younger and something I always promised myself I would do someday. After finding the courage to follow through my promise, I've been documenting monthly progress on my smile, hygiene, and instrumental playing through a blog. While this blog contains experiences on trumpet, clarinet, and trombone as well, it is heavily based on flute. 

Check out my blog and leave a comment or question! My latest post focuses on the 2nd Bach Sonata! 



  • Interesting. I'm guess I'm lucky I never had to go through that, but I know many people do - and especially at younger ages while still learning and developing. Hopefully your experiences will help teachers understand how to relate more to students with braces. Thanks for sharing! 
  • Thanks! When I was younger, I was so concerned about what braces would do to my flute playing so felt lucky to not have to go through that then. But now as an adult, my teeth and hygiene became a bigger concern so I went forward and got the braces. It's been interesting and fun at the same time. 
  • When I was first starting flute I had a top set of braces. A lot of people asked me if it was difficult but really I didn't know because I hadn't ever played without them, also they were only on the top and that did not interfere with the placing of the flute much.

    Once my braces were taken off I had a retainer and of course the questions came but my answer was always the same. It's just a matter of adjustment really.

  • That's an interesting experience with only your top braces. I bet it wasn't a pain to adjust all that much because of the placement. My top teeth were more out of place than my bottom teeth so there is a lot that interferes with my playing. But you're right, its mostly based on the adjustment period. 
  • well I think in time it will fall into place meed to practise and your braces may get in the way at frist but as you learn were to put your lips and learn to make sounds agian the braces will not be a bother
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