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How to start teaching

I'm a senior in high school and I'm planning on starting beginner flutes. This will be my first time teaching flute. I have taught beginner piano for about two years now. I just have some questions about teaching the flute.

Is there a certain curriculum I should use? Any favorite beginner books out there?

Also, how much should I charge?


Thanks in advance!


  • With students that are  just starting out, I feel like a book that starts with the basics usually works fine. The Rubank book covers a good bit:

    As far as rates, it really depends on a few factors: 
    • Where you live
    • Competitors
    • Whether you have to drive to the students homes or if they come to you
    • Duration of the lesson
    If I have a student come to my apartment for a lesson for 30 minutes, I usually charge $35. I'll charge $45 for an hour.

    If I am going to the students home, I factor in driving time + gas. So a 1 hour lesson would be $45 + expenses ($10 gas) and travel time... (20 mins in car = $20)... That puts the total price at $75 for a 1 hour lesson.

    However, this all depends on your community and the competition. If someone else is teaching lessons out of  local music store for $30 an hour, you're going to have to adjust your rates to match that. I would start by printing up some flyers and take them to your local store (most will let you put them up somewhere). You can look at the rates other teachers are charging and ball park from there.

  • I started out on the Rubank books but I didn't learn from a flute teacher. I learned from a band director so I didn't know if there was anything better.


    I do plan on teaching in my home and there isn't much competition around.

    Thank you for your help, I look forward to the summer now. :) 

  • Taffanel Gaubert book 1 is the classical standard. As the teacher, @you@ are more important than the book. You can teach with variations on Mary had a little Lamb!
  • You could definitely say that teaching is a learning experience too.

    Some kids learn faster, or have more passion, or might have more natural ability but don't practice as much. That makes it hard to use the same book and the same methods for each student.

    I would say keep a few books on hand, and make sure you have a good knowledge of what is in each one. That way you have a variety of things that you can work on as each student develops. It's also a good idea to switch up things in each lesson. Kids tend to get bored if they are just repeating scales or working on one thing - so try and balance something fun that makes them excited with something else they need to work on. Again, this will probably be different with each student, so that's why it's good to have a variety of materials. :)

  • Check out the Trevor Wye series of books as a teacher of Beginner Flutist you want to be careful not to establish any poor habits.

    On rates depends on your market. My studio is close to several university schools one that has a music program. So I provide Jury coaching also. My rates depend on the complex nature of the musical requirements... ie my own practice time to learn and research the music. Fist time regular students I do not charge for an audition. The audition usually takes about 20 to 40 min's. Weekly lesson is cheaper than every other week. Average price per week $20.00 every other week $25.00. Scheduling becomes a problem.

    I have tried to Skype a lesson or two and the technology is just not up to the task yet. Coaching cost; the sky is the limit. Simple stuff a lot cheaper than say Bozza again depends on time and need.
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    I have an amazing series of free lessons within this site.  And, they won’t cost you a dime.

    Yes, that’s right.    And, I am uploading even more flute content as we speak.

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  • well I teach in my home I chare 40 dollars a lesson I include music students must have own flute I have exsprin ( sorry for my spelling) I dont put that  T each adult and children grades 1st  on I belive if you can say your abc's you can learn the flute I once had a student name katie and she starded early at playing the flute by time she hit the age for playing in school and ready to start in the band she was in the advance band while her freinds was not she came home and told me in our next lesson I was so proud she got better then me at playing flute I could no longer teach her
  • Some classic flute books for beginners I would say are the Trevor Wye books, A Tune a Day by Herfurth and Start or Learn as you play by Wastall. While these books are very useful for teacher and student I think one has to remember that all of them have their limitations and that no two students are the same. Having a balance of resource (when possible!!!) is always useful. Sometimes the book moves too quickly or to slowly for a student and it is always great to have some tricks up your sleeve. My advice in general: go look at some (reputable!) free online lessons and see what they do or speak to a professional in the area for some advice on how to start off! I have no idea about rates in the US but good luck and enjoy! 
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