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Better Overall Sound Quality; Gold or Silver?

I'm at a critical point with my flute and I'm thinking I would like to buy a new one rather than repair the one I have. The flute that I currently have is a student Gemeinhardt that originally came from the band room at my school.

I was just wondering if there was a big difference between the sound of a gold flute and a silver one? I haven't tried any out yet but the price difference is quite large so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • I've played on silver for years and have often thought that I should step-up to gold or a gold alloy to improve my sound. I have several friends who play Burkhart Gold flutes and produce an incredible warm, rich, full tone.  However; they can also produce an almost incredibly equal sound from my Pearl Elegante flute.  So, before I make such an investment, I'm going to continue to enhance my own sound/tone.   
  • I tested a gold flute and the sound is incredible. That being said, you can't go wrong with an all silver flute. Making a beautiful sound has more to do with your technique and experience than the instrument you're using. Not to mention the fact that you're talking a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Some people will upgrade their silver flute with a gold headjoint. But then you're still talking thousands of dollars.
  • I've settled with the silver one. The gold sounded amazing but I could make a really great sound with the silver which was way more in my price range. Maybe in a few years I'll upgrade the head joint or something.

    Thanks for your input!

  • Gold vs. Silver  wow this is an old one.  I have two Powell Flutes one silver the other gold.  I personally prefer the gold when I solo it seems to have a darker sound and the notes flow like milk.  The silver instrument is much brighter and with a soloist headjoint is quite loud.  I also have a gold soloist headjoint that adds a great projection on the gold flute.

    In the end it will come down to your choice take someone with you to listen.  Warning flute players are not always best there expectations of your sound will be what they want.  If you have another musical friend that is best also ask them to hold a folder in front of each of your ears.  This may sound stupid but it really helps so you can hear yourself.

    Good Luck Best Wishes and choosing a new voice can be a lot of fun don't be in a hurry.  All my best teachers had Powell's that is why I choose the brand I did but there are some really great instruments out there and a lot less in cost.  It is not the price but the sound.

  • well I play silver I never played gold but thair is a slight diffrents in a students flute and an advance one
  • My instrument repairman went to a conference once where they had a flutist go behind a screen and play the same excerpt on a silver, gold, and platinum flute. He said there was a definite difference in the sound of each, but not a one of them could tell which was which. Nor could any of them declare one as better than the others. He said everyone had his/her preference, but admitted that was it--just a preference. Not that it was better. And the preference was pretty evenly divided between the three.

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