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Should all Flute Players Know at Least a Little Pic?

I have been playing the flute for quite a while now and I was just wondering if starting Piccolo would increase my variety in music, and skill, etc..


  • Of course we'll all have our primary instrument, but I think it helps to work on a few others. It forces the brain to work a little harder, and sometimes you can get more playing opportunities by being more versatile. 
  • I was thinking that if I started pic I would have more opportunities in orchestra even though I'm only second chair.

    If you could help with these few questions that'd be great: :)

    If I started the piccolo would I need lessons or could I figure it out off of my flute experience? Are the fingerings the same or similar at least?

  • I would recommend getting some help from a teacher - or at least finding a friend to help you out. I think there are plenty of similarities, but it helps to work with someone to get started on the right foot. Obviously, if you want to take it more seriously, you might consider some deeper study of the instrument and materials.

    I often meet with friends that double on other instruments to exchange techniques and pick their brains. It's cheaper than taking lessons, and I find that there is a lot to be gained by sharing what you already know as well. 
  • Playing picc is just fun. Play it if you think it will be fun. :)  It may give you more opportunities and different parts to read. It is definitely a learning curve though. The fingerings are identical, but the embouchure and intonation is what takes the most skill. You will need a more narrow mouth opening for picc, and this takes practice. Especially if you're playing in an orchestra setting, where most likely you have to go back and forth between flute and picc. This takes practice as well.
  • I think I will try it out.  I do play in an orchestra and sometimes I wish I could play the pic, so thank you for your advice everyone!

    We'll see how it goes.

  • its always nice to learn a new insterment I knew violin and well I had a clarent but i did not know how to put it together then a freind stoll it long story but yes go ahead get into it learn something new
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